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Art de Joulie products are amazing the colors are vivid and the quality is awesome, I am reminded of the great outdoors and the art brings me to my happy place. The colors and pictures are nostalgic for me and brings back memories from my many outdoor adventures and the Island life. Love the art!! looking forward to more amazing pieces.


Art de Joulie features fresh, creative expressions that reflect so much about the artist and the collective experience of life we all share. The products are high quality and customer service is exceptional!


At a difficult time in my life I saw some of Paulette's pieces and they truly spoke to me. My husband bought two pieces for me, pieces that burgeoned with hope for the future. And I asked Paulette to do a third for me. She was sensitive, intuitive and professional and when I saw the finished product it was exactly what I had asked for in ways that I had not even been able to articulate with words. 


Art de Joulie has brought art into our everyday lives. It is hard to start the day off in a bad mood
when your morning tea is from a cup as vibrant and happy as the one I own from this collection.
Looking forward to more pieces from Art de Joulie. 


These cards were a hit two years running. They have been sent as far away as Australia and everyone who received one was amazed by the vibrant colors and designs. When they sent pictures of all the cards they received, ours were always easy to spot! Thanks Art de Joulie!! 


I purchased a tote bag from art de joulie for myself a few months ago and loved it so much I decided to order tote bags and coffee mugs from the art de Joulie website for Christmas gifts. They were absolutely beautiful and everyone loved them. Their variety of designs allow something for everyone. The items arrived quickly and well packed. I highly recommend art de joulie for gifts and yourself!