About Us

“Art that Speaks to the Heart”

Hi There! So here's the story behind Art de Joulie. You must first be wondering how we came up with such a strangely spelt name... Well... 

After what seemed like an eternity of writing different ideas on paper as possible names for the company, out of the blue, when I least expected it, the name came while I was painting!

“Jolie” in French means pretty.  “Art de Joulie” would then mean pretty art or beautiful art. I inserted the letter "U" from my first name to change the spelling, so the concept of the name became beautiful art for U!

My Process

I have no one “style” of art-making. I feel that I am always learning and exploring and it’s therefore a continuous process. I love trying different things… it’s like I have to make up for all the time I lost not exploring as much as I now can. Now that I am committed to art full-time and can appreciate the limitlessness of the possibilities to explore, I don't box myself in to any one thing. I prefer staying free to see where my curiosity and intrigue lead me. This approach also motivates me to accept challenges that push me out of my comfort zones.

I love colour, texture, lines and shapes and abstracting from my surroundings. I combine the feelings conjured up inside me with the externals and then the magic happens! So, if I were to narrow down the processes that inform my work, I would say that it mainly involves creating patterns and designs and outlining them with a colour that makes them pop. Textured art and the impasto style also peek my interest as well as working in mixed media.

I used to be a textile artist for many years and specialized in batik and fabric painting, but also did some tie dye pieces when commissioned. Since I can no longer do batik in the way that I used to, I have included that method of the resist outline in my acrylic paintings on canvas. Part of me loves seeing everything in its place, organized lol!

I am also usually surprised by the outcomes because I mostly paint intuitively. At other times, I have set ideas for what I think I want to see, but very often what is in my head does not materialize! Sometimes, it can be frustrating, but I don’t think that this is necessarily a bad thing.

I’m learning to let go and just see where I’m being led! It can be a very freeing experience.

I’m inspired by culture and traditions generally, especially those that are relevant to my beloved twin-island state of Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean region, and so I do love incorporating these elements into my work.  Some of these are seen, for example, in my own rendition of our traditional Trinidad and Tobago Mas characters, and in the themes and colors of other paintings such as “Island Life”, “Fishing”, and “Fun in the Sun” that reflect the vibrancy, life and spirit of our islands.

My mixed Indian, Amerindian and Spanish influences are also dear to my heart because they are inspired by my heritage, my grandmother and from my trips to Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico and Venezuela. My heart melts completely when I see these tiny, aged, wrinkle-faced women and their long plaits or hair rolled up into one, bun style, the way my paternal grandmother would often wear her own hair. For me, the plait represents the stability of families with women as the centre, the backbone, and the heart of the home. The clothing of various indigenous cultures also intrigues me as it resonates with my Amerindian roots. Each artwork has its symbolism. Paintings in this style are my tribute to earlier times, and so I tend to texturize these paintings because I see this as adding to the authenticity of the time period.

Art is and has been a form of healing, a form of therapy, and a way for me to freely express myself; a way for me to find a voice and a way for me to communicate and to share with others and to help them to explore their own creativity. My vision is to create art that can be used and enjoyed in our everyday life experiences!

A team of vibrant and creative people with exceptional team spirit powers Art de Joulie. While I am the Director and Artist, my daughter is also Director as well as Secretary and my main sounding board. The latter is definitely not an easy job!

We also have an incredibly talented team comprising graphic artists, a photographer, marketing agents and a webmaster, working to ensure we always put forward our best.

We hope that our art inspires you and that you find your own pieces of happiness on Art de Joulie, where happy art makes happy hearts!

Warmest wishes!

Paulette Narinesingh

Artist, Director

Art de Joulie