About Us

Firstly that it is “art that speaks to the heart.”

“That through my art we can experience a stirring from deep within that moves us from a state of existence to a place of an awakening of joy, happiness, laughter, freedom, and childlike spirit. For us to truly feel alive and grateful for the little things.”

 Aim: “To be adaptable so that anyone can own a   piece of artwork whether as an original, prints,   wearable or functional art.”

Art de Joulie is not just a business to me. It is “me” personified. As an artist what I create comes from me and each piece is designed in contemplation. I feel like it is done as my prayer and it is my conversation with God.

When we manipulate the artwork to create different designs for you, it is done with great care, thought and consideration to produce something that evokes the same experience that the original work of art conveys.

It brings a dynamic flair of excitement, astonishment, growth and love. Everything that is me and all that I have been through in my life is what you see in my creations.

What I give in my art is snippets of my being, my state of mind, the emotions, my deepest self, and I make myself vulnerable as I bare my soul to the universe. I think people complicate the world unnecessarily and get so caught up in the stress of it all. The simple things that they once enjoyed or the beauty around goes unnoticed.

I have been there, and I don’t want to go there again, so in my paintings, I try to simplify things. Perhaps indicative of my efforts to do the same with all that life throws at me?

You probably won’t guess that, when you look at some of the paintings that can get very intricate! Seriously sometimes it’s like an addiction to just keep adding more details as I start painting after drawing in the basic shapes. But, I can’t help it if the spaces speak to me about what to add!!! Lol!

I only stop when the rhythm stops or my daughter says “Mommm stoppp! It’s fine! Omg!" 

I think an excitement builds in me after the colours go on and I do the finishing touches! To me, simplicity still remains through the details though.

When I create no matter if I’m troubled, anxious, or apprehensive somehow once I start painting and adding colour it’s like I become more and more alive. A rhythm develops, and the painting takes its own course.