Why did you choose to be an artist?

I think art chose me! It was how I filled my time as a child and what continued to fill my soul as I grew, and it is something that I am passionate about. I came into actually doing this full time only around 2015 (at age 52) when I took a deep breath and made the decision to follow my passion and dream!

How would you describe your artwork?

My artwork is vibrant, colorful, intricate, and takes you on a journey of joy, happiness and optimism. My Caribbean roots greatly influence my intense color palette. I hope that my art is a positive influence on all who view it, and that it brings them to a happy place deep within.

Do you entertain commissioned work?

Yes I would love to do a commissioned piece for you!

Where can I purchase an original painting?

Original pieces are available directly from me. The compositions are posted on this site. Send us an email for further details, so that we can accommodate you.

Can you re-create a painting that has been sold?

My pieces are one of a kind although there may be several pieces in a series or certain similarities. Should you be interested in a piece that was sold, I would be happy to do something similar, but it won’t be identical.

What media do you use?

I use different media. I’m allergic to oils and the smell makes me dizzy! But I just loveeeeee acrylics! So, I use various materials such as gesso, sand, fine stones, paper, string etc. to create texture, and I use Prisma coloured pencils - my only choice because of the softness, ease of blending, and vibrancy of colors.

Why do you use these media?

I find acrylic to be very versatile and easy to use. Acrylics also dry quickly, so I can layer without much delay. I love working with texture and I explore this in my artwork on canvas because I find it gives an added dimension and authenticity to the stories being told. For my card illustrations, I use prisma colored pencils and also for some of my abstract designs since it’s so easy to pack along with a sketch book!

Is your work in galleries or museums where I can view in person?

At the moment it is not, however you can view my artwork on this website or if you’re in Trinidad, you can come to my studio! You can send us an email on the site’s contact page or email us at artdejoulie@gmail.com for further details.

What inspires your art?

Goodness! Just about everything Lol! My imagination runs wild with just the littlest things like shapes, lines, colors, the vibrancy in nature and in my Caribbean environment, and my heritage which is Amerindian, Spanish, Indian, Scottish, and English. In Trinidad we say we are a “callaloo” (local blend of a variety of vegetables and seasonings) because of our intertwined ancestry! Fond childhood memories also inspire me, as well as our architecture, particularly the colonial style; my travels; love of music and the instruments; cultures; folk art; ethnic symbols; textiles and textures.

How do you create your art?

Well, for my abstract paintings I draw the shapes (mostly intuitively). At other times, I choose to do specific themes so I think about the shapes I would like to use and go about merging them to create the story I want to tell. I paint the base color first, then add more shapes/patterns/designs and layers of color. I also outline my shapes in black or a dark color, kind of reminiscent of when I did batik, where the wax created a color resistant outline so that the colors on the inside were contained. Sometimes, I use texture, which I apply first and allow to dry before drawing and outlining, and then I fill it in with bold solid colors.

For my Indigenous pieces, I love to apply texture because I find it adds to the authenticity of the era and timeline. I then sketch before painting. Most times, to get that vibrancy of color I apply at least three coats of each color!

Where did you learn your artistic skill?

I was always interested in art and painted in my youth. I took art classes and later specialized in batik. I later, however, did my art degree in Trinidad at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. The artwork I create now, though, has greatly changed in appearance and style, emerging from my experimentation with lines, shapes and color! I just sat one day and picked up my sketchbook and, without thinking of anything in particular, began to let my hand freely move the pencil in the direction and rhythm it wanted to and voila! I’m drawn to experimenting with various elements rather than to creating more realistic-looking representations.

How did you get into the art business?

In my twenties, I became the apprentice of a close friend of mine, who taught me batik. Her encouragement led me to set out on my own in that field. I would supply hotels, local souvenir and craft shops, as well as export to other Caribbean islands. Fast forward twenty years later, during my visits to my daughter in New York, I decided to experiment with different techniques of painting. I then held an exhibition, and the work was well received. I was encouraged to place the designs on various products for sale. On my return to Trinidad, I registered Art de Joulie as a business. I designed a line of locally themed Christmas cards which sold well. The business developed bit by bit from there and is still growing.

How did you get your work noticed?

Art markets, social media, private exhibits, referrals.

Do you offer private classes?

Yes and also “Sip and Paint” events in Trinidad and Tobago.

I would like to license your art.
Who do I contact with my proposal?

You can send us an email at artdejoulie@gmail.com . We would love to review your proposal!