Trinidad and Tobago

Here we have our collection Giclee Prints and Magnets exclusively produced in and shipped directly from Trinidad and Tobago. Our Giclee Prints and Magnets are some of our most popular souvenir and gift items! For inquiries and orders, please use our Contact Form. Payments for international orders for these items are primarily accepted via PayPal.


Time Out   Toco House   Grandma's House   Old Charm   Wash Day   Early Morning   Cocoa House   House At Lopinot   Tapia House   Sunset At Pigeon Point   Maracas Beach Sunflower Girls   Quiet Moments   Fun In The Sun   CarnivalLet Creation Sing   Toucans   Humming Bird   Humming Bird DelightMujer Roja



Regular Magnets 

 Tapia House   Wash Day   Old Charm   Toco House   Cocoa House   Early Morning   Lopinot House   Sunset At Pigeon Point   Maracas Beach   Time Out   Mud Oven   Toucans   Humming Bird   Humming Bird Delight   Quiet Moments   Fun In The Sun

Christmas Magnets   

Nativity   Play The Music   Taste The Season   

Carnival Magnets

Pierrot   Pierrot Comes To Town   Master Speller   It's Carnival   Carnival   Masquerade   Mujer Roja