We're Back and Better!

SOOOOOOO excited to announce that our website has been “freshened up” for a totally new look and I am so so very pleased to share it with you!

There was a lot of doubt, anxiety, questions, back and forth about how to move forward in this time of the COVID 19 / Coronavirus pandemic, economic downturn and uncertainty. But, we have taken a deep breath, pushed through and decided to try again by improving the overall look and feel of the website to give it a cleaner, sleeker look that’s still warm, attractive, inviting, easy to navigate and which lends to an overall happy experience!

This year marks the fifth year of Art de Joulie’s existence and what a journey! The vision/concept was to have this primarily as an online platform so that more people can enjoy our art in different ways in their everyday life experiences and, as an artist, this should have given me more time to create. Along the way, however, the focus changed and I became immersed in so many different aspects of business in my own homeland that I seemed to have less time for creating, which broke my heart. Perhaps the twist of fate in these times is the catharsis that brought me back to the dream and vision.

This revamping would not have been possible were it not for two key persons. My daughter has been and continues to be my biggest cheerleader, right hand, person I bounce ideas off, editor, critic and voice of reason, and sternness when I have melt downs! She is also a director and secretary of Art de Joulie! A wearer of many hats as you can see. And our web designer, Stephen, who has the patience of Job! and who’s been a godsend since the very beginning! An exceptional graphic designer, webmaster and teacher! We cannot thank him enough!

Looking back at the early days of Art de Joulie up to the present, we have been blessed with gifted, creative minds who have given of their time and talent and who have been amazingly encouraging and supportive - Mary Ann, Wayne, Scotty, Mikkel, Mellesia and Angela, thank you!

And of course, we couldn’t still be here without everyone who has supported our business and encouraged us to keep going since starting five years ago, including by giving us a platform through which to share our work with you! Big thank you’s! We very much look forward to continuing on this journey with you!

Come celebrate this milestone with us! Enjoy your browsing and drop us a message to share your thoughts! We would love to hear from you!


Art de Joulie


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