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We're Back and Better!

SOOOOOOO excited to announce that our website has been “freshened up” for a totally new look and I am so so very pleased to share it with you! There was a lot of doubt, anxiety, questions, back and forth about how to move forward in this time of the COVID 19 / Coronavirus pandemic, economic downturn and uncertainty. But, we have taken a deep breath, pushed through and decided to try again by improving the overall look and feel of the website to give it a cleaner, sleeker look that’s still warm, attractive, inviting, easy to navigate and which lends to an overall happy experience! This year marks the fifth year of Art de Joulie’s existence and what a journey!...

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Grandma’s House

Grandma’s House This painting entitled “Grandma’s House” came about as a result of feelings of hopelessness and despair as I wondered if I would ever achieve my dream of having my own home. My art business Art de Joulie had just begun, and I was trying to find my way regarding what to do and how to move forward. I was getting anxious and panicked. Starting a business at this stage of my life, not really having the qualities of a risk taker and knowing that I would have to sustain it financially for as long as necessary, just compounded the feeling that I could say goodbye to home ownership! Well, at that moment, that is how I felt! Out...

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The Art de Joulie Story - Part 2

So we ended part one of our story with how we came up with the name and so now I would like to share what we began doing.Since we registered the company in the month of September, I thought that we could try to catch the Christmas holidays by offering Christmas cards. I began to design the cards using local themes and named each artwork. Next step was to get the original cards scanned and printed, and I worked with a graphic artist and printing company to achieve this goal. Meanwhile, we sent letters to companies introducing Art de Joulie and our Christmas card collection. After we printed the cards, I literally went door to door to business places to market...

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