Introspection and Holistic Growth: What Are the Best Practices?

Do you experience weird, conflicting feelings? Welcome to being a human! So many of us try to find the answer to why we feel certain things at different times of our lives. While introspection is so essential for moving forward in a productive way, it can be scary. It can reveal truths you don’t want to learn or aren’t ready to face yet.

The power of introspection is one of the essentials to master for holistic growth. To learn how to be introspective in a productive way, you can follow the example of people who have already mastered some of the challenges of looking inside.

Meet Paulette Narinesingh, an artist and the founder of Art de Joulie.

Paulette has participated in multiple workshops, and discusses these two important topics – introspection and identifying the five best practices that are personalized and conductive of holistic growth. You can contact her for your own workshops or seminars here.


The Power of Introspection

Time spent alone can be incredibly empowering. It allows us to focus on the things that matter the most, get creative, think of the future and learn from the mistakes of the past.

Through introspection, you can take a deep look at your emotions and why they’re affecting you at this specific point of time. You can learn how to face the monsters that are preventing you from unleashing your full potential. You can acknowledge everything positive and empowering instead of dwelling on negative self-talk.

When there’s no time for introspection, it becomes very easy to get caught up in everyday worries. The feeling is like being on a roller coaster and having no control over what’s happening… you simply have to wait to get back on the ground and regain your footing.

Introspection, on the other hand, allows you to quiet down all of the thoughts in your head before continuing with the things you have to tackle. You are a lot calmer, more focused and grounded. As a result, those crazy and hectic days can be addressed without feeling entirely overwhelmed.

Mastering the art of introspection isn’t necessarily going to be easy.

Self-awareness is all about knowing your values, the origins of your beliefs and your relationships. It involves understanding what makes you tick and how you process positive and negative experiences. Needless to say, learning all of this is a long-term process that will necessitate conscious effort on your behalf.

To master introspection, you have to ask the right questions. Asking yourself why you’re feeling a specific way will typically point you to the most obvious answer. What questions, on the other hand, are the ones that can contribute to productive thoughts and solutions.

Ask yourself “what am I feeling right now, what would I like to feel in the future?” Can you sense the difference between these two approaches? The second one allows you to explore the depth of your state and the future possibilities instead of the immediate reason contributing to what you’re experiencing.


Holistic Growth: Personal and Powerful

Introspection plays a key role in achieving holistic growth.

Everyday life, however, and the expectations placed on all of us, could make us “forget” the important things related to long-term dreams and goals. We learn to slide by, live one day at a time and let go of the grand vision that used to bring happiness.

Dealing with societal views on how a woman should lead her life, family pressure and discovering the work-life balance could push personal growth to the background… until it eventually becomes a distant memory of a youthful, more conscious life.

This is why self-care and dedicating a few minutes to me-time each day are not selfish. Rather, these establish the foundations of individual growth that can benefit everyone.

Practicing self-care every single day is essential, whether you’re after personal or professional growth. Lost in everyday struggles, you’ve probably forgotten about your strengths, your creative power and your dreams. You’ll have to learn once again how to make room for these important aspects of becoming a better you.

The best holistic growth practices are highly personalized. There are no two souls alike. Hence, a universal formula doesn’t exist. You will have to spend some time on discovering what’s important to you and what you’d like to overcome. This type of knowledge will enable you to pinpoint the direction and the aspects of the journey you’ll have to travel.


Learn even more

These are just some of the topics Paulette will explore during her Sistren Workshop participation. If you’d like to meet Paulette and learn a bit more about her life philosophy and business endeavors, you can follow the Art de Joulie Facebook page for more information on upcoming events.



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