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Making this time count!

…And just like that life turns upside down again!  This time it is a virus that has the entire world in a tailspin! So much is going on internally right now. I feel like a chameleon, one minute I am calm, faith filled, brainstorming new ideas, taking things in stride and another time I just feel panicked, anxious and fearful with paralyzing thoughts of “would I survive this time physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, financially?” How long will this pandemic last? Can this micro business of mine survive, and what can be done to ensure its survival? How long will it take for things worldwide to be “normal” again or will there have to be adaptations on our part to a...

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Introspection and Holistic Growth: What Are the Best Practices?

Do you experience weird, conflicting feelings? Welcome to being a human! So many of us try to find the answer to why we feel certain things at different times of our lives. While introspection is so essential for moving forward in a productive way, it can be scary. It can reveal truths you don’t want to learn or aren’t ready to face yet. The power of introspection is one of the essentials to master for holistic growth. To learn how to be introspective in a productive way, you can follow the example of people who have already mastered some of the challenges of looking inside. Meet Paulette Narinesingh, an artist and the founder of Art de Joulie. Paulette has participated...

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